Wood Lathe Artist

Wood Lathe Artist

Wood Lathe ArtistWood Lathe Artist
The Big Kahuna
Koa Umeke with poho and pewa

Specializing in Hawaii's woods

Kelly Dunn

Multi-award winning wood lathe artist, Kelly Dunn, lives on the north end of the Big Island of Hawaii. He creates bowls, hollow vessels, and art forms full time for art galleries and private collectors.


Kelly specializes in Hawaii's woods. Working with both native and introduced species, he highlights the beauty of each tree. With the raw log, he determines what will showcase that particular piece of wood.

Noni Umeke

Traditional Hawaiian forms have been a main focus for Kelly. After 30 years, he still considers himself a student of the umeke and calabash. He incorporates traditional patchwork into his work as needed. 


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